MiNiMAL ~ Tobacco


R 330.00

MiNiMAL is a nicotine salt based e-liquid range made in France, specifically formulated for Pod Systems. Tobacco is inspired by the distinct smell of a cured tobacco leaf. A truly balanced, classic and easy to vape flavour.

What is Nicotine Salt E-liquid?

Nicotine Salt, also known as Nic Salt, is a type of processed nicotine used in certain e-liquids. Nicotine Salt e-liquid is much easier to inhale than Freebase Nicotine e-liquid due to its biocompatibility; the vape is less harsh on the throat which allows for stronger variants. These e-liquids in particular can be very satisfying for those who are exploring vaping as an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Please note that Nicotine Salt E-liquids are not ideal for high wattage setups, but do pair extremely well with low wattage devices and Pod Systems.

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