MLV Phix 4 x Prefilled Pods


R 360.00

The Phix by MLV's pods system presents a diverse offering of 1.5ml prefilled pods to be utilised with the MLV Phix (Sold seperately). Each pack includes four prefilled pods and measures 50mg in nicotine, providing a stronger experience compared to the competition.

What flavours are on offer?

Original Tobacco: A smooth and rich tobacco experience.
Ice Tobacco: A cool and refreshing menthol draw.
Butterscotch Tobacco: A savoury and creamy butterscotch dessert blend.
Spearmint: A refreshing, sweet mint flavour.
Infuzion Cool Melon: A cool, icy melon experience.
Hard Strawberry: A sweet and succulent strawberry flavour.
Mixed Pack: 1 x Ice Tobacco, 1 x Butterscotch Tobacco, 1 x Infuzion Cool Melon, 1 x Hard Strawberry

What's in the box?

4 x 50mg MLV Phix Prefilled Pods

Please note that this product is designed to be used with the MLV Phix Ceramic Wick Ultra Portable Kit only and is intended for beginners to intermediate users. Use at your own risk.

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