SMILELYKUMEENIT NiCr80 Pre-Built Nichrome Wire Coils


R 180.00

These handcrafted coils by local builder, SMILELYKUMEENIT, are precision made from nichrome wire sourced from Lightning Vapes in the USA. Each coil is carefully crafted and individually inspected for quality. Due to it's composition, nichrome wires produce in-depth flavour and vapour compared to conventional wire types.

Individual coil specifications:

Dual Framed Staple (Cores: 4pcs x 0.4 x 0.1mm between 2pcs x 30ga Lightning Vapes NiCr80, Fuse: 40ga Lightning Vapes NiCr80 Diameter: 3mm, Dual 5 Wrap, Dual Coil Resistance: ±0.12ohm Post-Fire)
Dual Tri-Core Alien (Cores: 3 x 30ga Lightning Vapes NiCr80, Fuse: 38ga Lightning Vapes NiCr80, Diameter: 3mm, Dual 7 Wrap, Dual Coil Resistance: ±0.35ohm Post-Fire)

What's in the box?

1 x Set of SMILELYKUMEENIT NiCr80 Pre-Built Nichrome Wire Coils

Please note that this item is intended for advanced users only. Use at your own risk.

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