Psyclone Mods Entheon Loaded 22 RDA

By Psyclone Mods

R 1,990.00

Psyclone Mods' Entheon 22 RDA is the follow up to the critically acclaimed and near universally praised Hadaly 22 RDA and the Kryten 24 RDA, keeping the same diameter to 22mm with a 24.5mm adapter ring to expand the size, while deploying a highly effective and innovative reversible dual clamp style build deck. Measuring 22mm in diameter, the Entheon mirrors the Hadaly's clean and streamlined aesthetic. The Entheon's build deck deploys a coil clamping system that can be a reversible coil clamping system to apply an even balance of pressure per clamp. Each terminal features a 6mm maximum size, providing more than ample coil lead capacity. The juice and wicking capacity is also enormous, measuring 8mm deep, working optimally with the Bi-Lateral E-liquid injection block found inside. The airflow is positioned to enter horizontally in a more traditional manner, measuring 6mm by 2.5mm each, with a interchangeable drip tip to provide incredible draw rates. A 510 drip tip adaptor is also included with the Entheon, available in both stainless steel and delrin for the user's aftermarket drip tips. An extension of the extremely popular Hadaly designed to match its incredible flavour while extending the ceiling of vapour production, Psyclone Mods' Entheon 22 RDA is sure to set another benchmark in quality rebuildable dripping atomiser systems.

Key Features

22mm Diameter (24.5 Adapter Ring Included)
Two Post Build Deck
Dual Airslots
Stainless Steel 10mm Bore Proprietary Drip Tip
Delrin 10mm Bore Proprietary Drip Tip
Bottom Feeding Pin
Stainless Steel Construction

What's in the box?

1 x Psyclone Mods Entheon 22 RDA
1 x Hadeon Conversion Cap
1 x Four Piece Stubby Cap Kit
1 x 24.5mm Adapter Ring
1 x Four Piece Ring Kit
1 x Stainless Steel Wide Bore One-Piece Integral Drip Tip
1 x Delrin Slim Bore One-Piece Integral Drip Tip
1 x Stainless Steel Shorty 510 Tip
1 x Delrin Shorty 510 Tip
1 x Stainless Steel 510 Adapter
1 x Delrin 510 Adapter
1 x Bottom Feeding Pin
1 x Spare Parts Pack
1 x Psyclone Mods Branded Neoprene Carry Bag

Please note that this item is intended for intermediate to advanced users only. Use at your own risk.

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