Nitecore UMS2 (USB) Charger

By Nitecore

R 490.00

Introducing the Nitecore UMS2 Intelligent USB two slot superb battery charger designed to recharge your batteries fast, safe and efficiently. The UMS2 will reach a maximum total output of 4000mAh when using a 2A output USB power adapter. When the charger is connected to a quick charge (QC) power adapter, the screen will show Quick Charge and the single slot will achieve a max output of 3000mAh. A brightly lit LCD display reports real time information including battery health and charging status. The UMS4s intelligent charging technology automatically applies the appropriate charging current/voltage while allows users to manually adjust the charging current/voltage. The UMS4 supports various battery types, including Li-ion, IMR, Ni-MH, Ni-CD, or LiFePO4 (LiFePO4 batteries require the charge mode to be set manually). An automatic power-off function will terminate current when charging is complete. On top of this charger’s incredible universality, it also includes a comprehensive display to keep you in the loop. The crystalline LCD display presents charging progress, battery type, voltage, charging current, and charging time in an easy-to-read and ultra-clear manner. When charging is finished the display will tell you which channel is ready to go.

What's in the box?

1 x Nitecore UMS2 (USB) Charger
1 x Charging Cable (USB Power Adapter Not Included)
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card

Please note that this item is intended for intermediate to advanced users only. Use at your own risk.

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