Defiant Designs TS Mechanical Squonk Mod

By Defiant Designs

R 1,790.00

By utilising three 18650 batteries, the TS Mechanical Squonk Mod by Defiant Designs revolutionises the squonk movement with even more power and longevity. The Defiant Designs TS Mechanical Squonk Mod delivers higher amperage and longer running time allowing for a prolonged vape experience. Including a plethora of accessories, the Defiant Designs TS makes for immediate plug and play that enables squonking quicker than ever. Each Defiant Designs TS comes loaded with two 10ml squonk bottles that contain a stainless steel squonk straw and cap for added convenience. The exterior is adorned in anodised aluminium for extended durability and a matchless appearance. A gold plated 510 pin ensures perfect conductivity, while the bottom entry battery and squonk bottle door can be removed with ease and keeps all of your essential accessories intact for a pleasing and reliable vaping experience. Celebrated as one of the most formidable mechanical squonk devices to date, the Defiant Designs TS Mechanical Squonk Mod is the perfect choice for power users.

User should have adequate knowledge of Series and Parallel battery configurations before using this device.

Mechanical mods are for highly advanced users only, which requires knowledge of Ohms Law, battery capabilities, and RDAs. If you are not comfortable with using this device, do not purchase it. Improper use can lead to battery venting and/or explosion. This product is never to be used with Sub Ohm Tanks.
Throat Punch and any and all of Throat Punch’s parent and subsidiary companies will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the the misuse of this product, or damage caused to property and/or persons.

Key Features

84mm by 57mm by 40mm
Triple 18650 Platform
Parallel Battery Configuration
Fully Mechanical Firing System
24K Gold Plated Contacts
Ergonomic Shape
10ml Squonk Bottle Capacity
Plug and Play Bottle Installation
Self Adjusting 510 Connection

What's in the box?

1 x Defiant Designs TS Mechanical Squonk Mod
2 x 10ml Squonk Bottles
1 x Hex Screwdriver
1 x Defiant Designs Battery Contact Tool
3 x 18650 Batteries Not Included

Please note that this item is intended for highly advanced users only. Use at your own risk.

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