Grimm Green x Ohm Boy Recoil Bottom Feeding 24 RDA

By Grimm Green x Ohm Boy

R 890.00

The Grimm Green x Ohm Boy Recoil 24 RDA is precision tuned and designed from the ground up by two of the most respected individuals in the industry, combining a well balanced build deck with a two cap, dual angled airflow per side design. The Recoil measures 24mm in diameter with a 22mm diameter build deck, purpose built to be build friendly. The BF version of the original Recoil 24 is squonk enabled and includes a 510 bottom feeding pin. The build deck features a three post, split centre post arrangement, with each terminal measuring 2.5mm terminals. The deckmilled negative posts feature slightly raised terminals to allow for a more natural coil placement while the juice well measures approximately 7mm in depth, giving the Recoil great versatility and range. Each set includes two top caps, with each cap featuring four slanted airholes that direct airflow to the coil. The Flavour Bro Cap features four 2.5mm airholes, intended to be used for a richer, flavour intensive experience. The Clouds Bro Cap features 3mm airholes, and is intended for vapour orientated output performance. Clean in aesthetics, beautifully designed, and intensively tuned, the Recoil Bottom Feeding 24 RDA by Grimm Green and Ohm Boy enters the market as the front runner in performance and versatility in one of the most competitive market segments today.

Key Features

22mm Build Deck
2 x 24mm Top Caps
Angled Airflow
Clouds Bro Cap: 2 x 3mm Snakebite Airflow Holes per Side
Flavour Bro Cap: 2 x 2.5mm Adjustable Airflow Holes per Side
Gold Plated Brass 510 Pin

What's in the box?

1 x Grimm Green x Ohm Boy Recoil 24 RDA
1 x Clouds Bro Cap
1 x Flavour Bro Cap
1 x Bottom Feeding Pin
1 x Spare Parts Bag

Please note that this item is intended for intermediate to advanced users only. Use at your own risk.

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