SvoëMesto Kayfun [lite] 22/24 Drip Tips

By SvoëMesto

R 140.00

The SvoëMesto Kayfun [lite] 22/24 Drip Tips replace the existing 510 drip tip of the Kayfun [lite] 22/24 and Kayfun [lite] Special Edition 22/24 rebuildables by giving it a unique look. These drip tips have a visible length of 10mm and are available in two different versions: [fire] made from PEI which is extremely sturdy and resilient against aggressive e-liquids, as well as [ice] made from PMMA which is also sturdy but less resilient against aggressive e-liquids. Crafted in Germany, these gorgeous additions are a must have accessory for those who enjoy their Kayfun [lite] 22/24 RTAs. 

Will they fit my rebuildable?

Fits Most 510 Drip Tip Compatible Rebuildables

What's in the box?

1 x SvoëMesto Kayfun [lite] 22/24 Drip Tip

Please note that this item is an accessory for for most 510 drip tip compatible rebuildables and is intended for intermediate to advanced users only. Use at your own risk.

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