VapinArchitect Arkon 20700 Mechanical Squonk Mod ~ Throat Punch Limited Edition

By VapinArchitect

R 3,090.00

In close collaboration with VapinArchitect out of the USA, we are delighted to introduce the Throat Punch edition of the Arkon 20700 Mechanical Squonk Box. This device is renowned world wide for its quality and asthetics, making it highly desireable amongst avid squonking enthusiasts. The mod itself is fully mechanical and utilises a 20700 battery platform to fire your favourite squonk ready RDA with sustainable power for optimal vaping time. Known to be one of the best and most respected unregulated squonkers on the market, the Arkon 20700 fires your RDA at its maximum voltage potential with lightning fast liquid delivery due to an included 8.5ml Cappy V4RS Kompakt squonk bottle fed directly into the 510 pin. This incredibly constructed device comes with a black VA spring loaded Varitube 25mm 510 connector - included with a extra manual adjustment pin - loaded with handmade 0.999 24ga solid silver contacts for the best possible connectivity. The enclosure of the mod is 3D printed from alumide, paired with a nylon battery door for great durability and stunning appearance. The battery door is secured with rare-earth magnets, which makes it accessible while keeping all of your essential accessories intact for a pleasing and reliable vaping experience. The VapinArchitect Arkon 20700 presents itself as a durable and sophisticated device, retaining remarkable aesthetics and power, making it a top choice in the unregulated squonking realm of the vaping industry.

User should have adequate knowledge of mechanical mods before using this device.

Mechanical mods are for highly advanced users only, which requires knowledge of Ohms Law, battery capabilities, and RDAs. If you are not comfortable with using this device, do not purchase it. Improper use can lead to battery venting and/or explosion. This product is never to be used with Sub Ohm Tanks.
Throat Punch and any and all of Throat Punch’s parent and subsidiary companies will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the the misuse of this product, or damage caused to property and/or persons.

Key Features

78mm x 55.75mm x 27mm
Single 20700 Platform
Fully Mechanical Firing System
Black Anodised Billet Aluminium Low Profile Firing Button
Handmade Solid Silver Contacts
Authentic 8.5ml Cappy V4RS Kompakt Silicone Bottle
Rare-earth Magnets on Battery Door
Black Spring Loaded VA Varitube 510 Connector (With Extra Manual Adjustment Pin)

What's in the box?

1 x VapinArchitect Arkon 20700 Mechanical Squonk Mod ~ Throat Punch Limited Edition
1 x 8.5ml Cappy V4RS Kompakt Sunbox Smoked Silicone Bottle with Delrin Cap
1 x 20700 Battery Not Included

Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, subtle imperfections and irregularities may be present on the 3D printed enclosure and battery door. Please note that this item is intended for highly advanced users only. Use at your own risk.

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