Wick 'N' Vape ~ Cotton Bacon Version 2.0

By Wick 'N' Vape

R 120.00

Cotton Bacon Version 2.0 by Wick 'N' Vape has been specifically formulated for vaping. By selecting the finest US grown cotton, the fibres are taken through a proprietary purification process that removes impurities, natural oils and pesticides. Cotton Bacon Version 2.0 is created in a state-of-the-art facility that provide vapers with an easy to use 100% tasteless cotton wick - simply pinch, tear, Wick 'N' Vape. 

What's in the box?

0.35oz/10g Wick 'N' Vape ~ Cotton Bacon Version 2.0

Please note that this item is intended for intermediate to advanced users only. Use at your own risk.

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